London Start-up scene in Web Design

London is the place to go for online entrepreneurs. The city is, without a doubt, a big hub for the start-up culture, business ventures and access to investment. You can find a lot of technology, SaaS and web design companies that base their presence on the capital in the UK. Web and Landing Page Design (e.g. Photoshop landing page design) is crucial for businesses these days and the demand is constantly high. Websites have come a bit over the years, but landing pages, mobile apps as well as virtual reality and augmented reality are the new sectors to watch out for. Also, check out this list of web designers.   UK Pictures 

Bookstores in London

London is full of great bookstores that encourage visitors to linger. Visit London lists the greatest bookstores in the city where you can find your piece of work that you always wanted to read. Furthermore, most of these stores have huge bookshelves. Particularly famous stores are Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street;Sapero

Rare Books, one of London’s leading antiquarian bookshops or Waterstones Piccadilly which actually is Europe’s largest bookshop. These days books have become digital as well. If you are looking for electronic books, so-called ebooks then the internet is the place to go. If you want to sell an own ebook, search for a designer who can build an ebook landing page like Publishxpress to make sure your unique piece of work gets seen online. Click here for an example of an ebook landing page. UK Pictures

Brighton pier During the Summer

The Pier in Brighton is a great tourist attraction. The Palace Pier was build to after the Chain Pier collapsed in 1896. It has a length of 525 meters and contains casinos, pinballs, gaming machines on it. Although it is not the longest pier, it is certainly one of the most famous ones in Britain. Brighton itself is located 47 miles south of London and is a historical sea resort. The Brighton Pier is the third pier located in Brighton after the Royal Suspension Chain Pier and the West Pier. If you want to book your next holiday here, head over to Visit BrightonUK Pictures 

Waterloo Station, London

Waterloo Station is located in central London and is on the national railway network. The station was opened in 1848 by the London and South Western Railway. Waterloo station is now the biggest station in the UK and features 24 different platforms. Due to the size of the station, there is plenty of parking for long and short stays and if you feel hungry there are plenty of shops and places to eat in the Station. Waterloo station is on the Jubilee Line, Bakerloo Line and the Northen Line. Furthermore, the station is near many tourist locations from the London eye to London Aquarium. If you would like to find more Click the link below. London Waterloo  National Rail  Visit London  UK Pictures 

Tallest Building In London

The London Shard is a 95 story glass skyscraper designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. The shard is 309.7 metres high and is currently the tallest building in London. Furthermore, the shard is actually the 5th tallest building in Europe. The Shard cost an estimated 1.2 billion to build and has 36 lifts. Especially inside the Shard, you can find Appartments, a hotel, Multiple bars and restaurants and finally an observatory to enjoy the view across London. Particularly the starting price for an adult is £21.50. Click the link below and enjoy the view of London. Ticket Prices   The Shard   UK Pictures


Business Show, Excel in London

The Business Show is a popular event hosted at the London Excel Centre. The Excel Centre is an international convention centre located in east London. Specifically, the Excel Centre has hosted hundreds of different events from 2017, for example, the X-factor final. The Excel Centre has a total space of 100’000m² furthermore 3700 car park spaces. In particular, The business show hosted at the Excel Centre is the UK’s biggest business exhibition where over 25’000 different business attend. There are hundreds of different interactive training session run by experts in their field. The 2018 business show had companies exhibiting Landing pages. During the show, I learned what makes a landing page responsive and how your Landing page can cause conversions. The company Dotmailer creates high converting responsive landing pages for your business. Find out about other conventions with the links below. The 2018 Show  Excel Centre  UK Pictures




Canada and The CN Tower, Toronto

The CN Tower is located in Toronto Canada. The tower stands at 553.3 metres high and is currently the 9th tallest tower in the world. Furthermore, the tower was started in 1973 and completed in 1976. In particular, the CN Tower stands for Candian National the railway company that built the tower. The CN tower is a famous tourist spot in Canada. The Tower estimates an amount of two million visitors a year. Additionally, the tower includes an observatory, restaurant and bar and telecommunications. To visit the CN Tower and to find out more click the links below. The CN Tower   Tip Advisor    City Pass    Canadian Pictures

Roman Baths and How to Visit

The Roman Baths are located in Bath. The Baths have 4 main features the Roman Temple, the Bath House, the Sacred Spring and the museum holding items found in the Roman Bath. Due to the features, the Baths are a massive tourist location in Bath with usually over one million visitors a year. Furthermore, due to Baths unique thermal springs rise the baths still flow with natural hot water. The Baths have many events happening regularly for you to try when you visit. Ticket prices for an adult start at £16.50. To find out more or to visit the Roman Baths click the link below. Click the URL below to visit bath. Ticket Prices   Visit the Baths   UK Pictures



Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

The Royal Ontario Museum is located in Toronto Canada and established in April the 16th 1912. The museum is full of art, world culture and natural history. Furthermore, the Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum in Canada regarding this the museum attracts more than 1 million visitors each year. The University of Tronto also has a partnership with the museum. The museum has over six million items and 40 galleries. Additionally, there are plenty of events and ongoing exhibits to see. Tickets start at twenty Dollars for an adult. To find out more click the links below.  Visit the Museum   Tickets   Trip Advisor  Canada Pictures

Spa’s located in Bath

Bath is a famous city located in the southwest of the Uk in Somerset. Furthermore, Bath is famous for its hot springs and Georgian Architecture. Bath is also home to Bath Abbey. The Abbey was founded in the 7th century and has now become a religious centre and popular tourist spot. Bath is especially known for its culture. Visiting Bath you will find many theatres, museums and other cultural venues in the city. In addition, the biggest tourist attraction in Bath is the Spa’s. One of the biggest Spa in Bath is called the Thermae Spa what usually has over 200,000 visitors a year.  Visit   UK Pictures

Summer at Cambersands Beach

Ever visited Camber on the Coast of Kent? You should definitely go, especially in the Summer. Camber particularly looks like Spain and it has a long and wide beach with dunes. When the tide is gone, you can walk long ways into the Sea. In the summer, temperatures can be high which makes the scenery beautiful and it invites visitors to linger. The town Camber is driven by tourism and has nice bar and pubs. On weekends, it is often the No. 1 location to go to for Londoners who want to get out and enjoy nature and life.  Cambersands Beach Guide   UK Pictures

Southend-on-Sea Thames Gate

Southend-on-Sea is a seaside town in the South-East of the UK. This picture shows the river Thames going over into the sea. The town has constant high and low tide fluctuations which is an interesting natural phenomenon to watch. Southend-on-Sea is a great place in the Summer to relax and enjoy the sun. In the Eastern part of the town, called Shoeburyness, the East Beast is directly located on the North Sea and makes another good attraction for tourists. Southend has many good resources for travel information. Check out these sites for further information:  Visit Southend  Southend Borough Council  Lonely Planet Southend  UK Pictures



Tower of London and What to Do

The Tower of London is a castle located in the north bank of the river Thames in London. Officially the Tower is her Majesty’s Royal Palace furthermore, the castle was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror. The Tower of London has been a Royal Palace a strong fortress and a prison. In particular, the Tower is now a large tourist location with many events happening daily. Regarding some of the events at the Tower of London, there are many shows, tours and talks going on all day not to mention for one hour a day the crown jewels are put on display for everyone to see. Find out more with the links below. Royal Palaces  Get your Guide UK Pictures

Visit London

Covent Garden During Christmas

Covent Garden is located in Greater London. Furthermore, the garden also used to be a fruit and vegetable market. The garden then grew into a large shopping district and tourist spot. In particular, there are many performers and events happening all day every day. Next to Covent Garden is Somerset House. During the Christmas period, Somerset House transforms into an ice skating rink. Visitors can skate day or night around the iconic scenery in front of a 40ft Christmas tree. If you would like visit Covent Gardens or Somerset House click the links below.   Oficial CoventGarden Website   Visit London   UK Pictures